When you´re old will this robot be your friend?

Meet ELLI•Q a robot helper especially designed for the elderly. While  it doesn´t feature arms or legs it can still be of great help especially since communicating with it is supposed to be naturally. It is meant to inspire participation and keeping older adults active and engaged. It will enable them to overcome the complexity of the digital world, helping them to do video chats, online games and using social media to engage with family and friends. Futhermore it reminds of appointments, taking medication and recommends audiobooks, music, talks. It can also encourage to take a walk or participate in other physical activities.

The design is very simple yet there is still emotion in the movements and acting. It leaves enough room to projecct an image of a helper robot and friend the user has in mind. The robot is not yet available but you can join the waitlist over here:


If the israel based company is fast enough with development it might come in handy for the current generation of elderly. However, the next generation will be ready to use all the before mentioned digital features. And of course some questions remain: do you want to have a robot as friend or rather your children or grandchildren around, although you know that this is not possible in many cases nowadays? Will this robot be a gift for grandma and grandpa or rather a gift for the consciousness of the family who can´t be around?



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