During the practical part of my diploma I buildt a fully functional prototype of a robot game which combines the best of the analog and digital world. Ten years ago there were no smartphones or tablets so I went for the TV screen. Nowadays solutions how to show the actual playing screen would be much simpler.


Many children spend more and more time alone in front of a computer screen and get lost in virtual game worlds. It´s difficult for adults to find an entrance to this new world of their children and grand children.
We_want_robots brings a solution to this dilemma.
It is a fine blending of classical boardgame and modern computer game which brings the generations back together on one gaming table. The gaming needs of younger family members who can not resist the fascination of the virtual gaming worlds will be satisfied as well as the needs of the older gamers who are often overwhelmed by the fast changing and confusing gaming screens. With we_want_robots children will again love the traditional physical gaming while adults will learn to understand their children´s fascination for modern computer gaming.
Traditional game play and woodcraft meet modern computer games and built-in technology and therefore inspires young and old gamers.


we_want_robots is a roleplay game you´ve never experienced before. In this game the players take on the role of robotic engineers who build robots out of multiple parts for various clients.
The game is played like a tabletop boardgame but is supported by a TV- or PC-screen. The robots serve as game tokens and at the same time as characters. If the player changes the robot’s appearance, by adding or removing parts, he will also change the robot’s abilities. And with newer and better parts the robot will not only look “cooler” but will also be better suited to solve quests that are hidden inside the game. Thereby the players earn research points to get even better parts and toys for the robots.
Furthermore, players can give orders to the robots and make decisions during the game by using a unique interface called Robocontroldisc.

The game was exhibited several times for example at the european talents 2008 in Eindhoven as one of the best 100 european designs. It was featured in several magazines and got television screentime in 2010.

During the practical part I did a lot of combination sketches for the robots. Since this led to very interesting graphic patterns  I did a we_want_robot_shirt in a limited edition run of 100. They sold out instantly but even after 10 years I am still getting inquiries. So I decided to finally do a rerun.

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