The return of the we_want_robots shirt

I saved four of the initially limited run of the first we_want_robots shirts and they took me through the last 10 years.

During this times I got a lot of compliments for the shirts. The most memorable beeing at the JFK Airport in New York while I was waiting in line to board my plane. A cop yelled at me:  “Sir, please  step out of the line.”  a little bit nervous I followed the order. She had a good look at my shirt and finally said: “Very nice shirt! Where can I buy that?” At the time I had to dissapoint her. But now they are available again.

The shirts are printed with spreadshirt. A german based fullfillment company for t-shirt print. I am ordering shirts their myself and I have always been satisfied. You can even send back the shirts within 30 days.  No questions asked. Working with another company is also always about trust. Ordering online even more. So here´s some of their ethic commitments in which I can easily find myself:

Even better is the shirt costumizer which works like a breeze with which you can do a lot of colour expression bots:

What would be your favorite combination?

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