we_want_robots Robots in society, culture and design

Some of the questions this blog is trying to answer: What kind of robots are out there? Real ones and those who are only alive in the pop and media landscape? When do we recognize a robot as a robot? Does it need to have an artificial intelligence? Why do robots fascinate and on the same hand instill fear? Do we need robots? And if so for what purpose? As helpers, slaves, comrades, lovers? Do we need robot ethics? (Do we really want robots?)

The blog was originally built 2007 during my diploma thesis “we_want_robots” at the School for Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle / Germany.

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we_want_shirts fully customizable shirts

During the practical part of “we_want_robots” I made a lot of design sketches of robots. Whenever people were entering my office they found a wall full of robot graphics and loved it. I decided to do a limited edition of shirts with these graphics and they sold out instantly.

Even 10 years later when I put on one of these shirts I always got compliments and people want to know where to buy them. Well, finally it´s possible again and this time the shirts are fully customizable. Try it yourself:

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Robot gallery The Bots up close and personally

A robot can do better than Trump

  • 4
  • June 9, 2017

Sophia a self learning Robot proclaims she can do a better Job than Trump. At least that is what CNBC is interpreting in the robot´s…


Security Robot

  • 1
  • June 8, 2017

This security robot “Rover-S5” developed by SMP Robotics is made for patrolling and surveilance jobs. As a security guard I wouldn´t be too afraid about…