How to get inspired by a robot

There is a new AI online and it looks like HAL 9000 the robot from the classic Scifi-Movie Odysee 2001. Instead of the red glowing eye it got a green one. With InspiroBot you can simply let your own motivation be created. It delivers a short quote and comes with a (mostly) fitting picture. Apart from the quotes and pictures it changes also the typo in interesting ways. However it´s more than often rather dark mooded.

Some quotes:

“Only when you learn to laugh at your own murder, will you get music.”

“When you´re dead, what you have trusted must become untrusted.”

“A stranger can sometimes be like a bitch with all the fun parts removed.”

Maybe it is really related to HAL.

It´s very simple and gives us the warm, snuggly impression that you could always do a better job than an AI. You can try it yourself here:

What did it get for you? Do you already feel motivated?

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