German marching rap band represents the robot

Moop Mama a german hiphop/marching band combo made an impressive performance yesterday at the yearly festival “Bardentreffen” in Nuremberg. I was part of the whooping crowd and one song seemed more than fit for this blog. “Roboter”, the german word for robot is a song about our modern way of working which more than once reminds one of beeing a robot. An emotionless, tireless, working slave working 24/7. The problem with that concept is that a human beeing can´t survive this kind of workingstyle very long and will eventually burn out. You should check out some of their songs here and if you have the chance to watch Moop Mama life  you mustn´t miss that. Except if you don´t want to jump like a crazy kangaroo all show long, then you should stay as far away as possible from this band.

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