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The original blog led to my thesis about robots and their “life”. It´s written out of the perspective of a codestring which evolved to a robot and now trys to understand what “it”(?) is. Is it alive? Is it a person or a thing? Is it the only one of it´s kind and what´s it´s suppose on this planet? And why the hell are human beeings so afraid of their own creations? Is there a way to take away these fears?

Since it came to “life” in a robotic institute it´s not allone with it´s questions. A robotic inventor “Frank Stein” and a guy named “Jan Itor” who is working in the institute and reading to much philosophers in his free time are more than willing to help the robot find it´s way. Thereby they are referencing to authors like Ray Kurzweil, Roodney Brooks, Hans Moravec, Joseph Weizenbaum, Daniel Wilson, La Mettrie, Alan Turing and many other “robotic guys”.

Apart from this classical AI-Authors the robot is also interested in the omnipresent fear of mankind overwhelmed by their own robots and therefore it is looking carefully in how media is dealing with the topic robots and AI. Movies like Terminator, Robocop, Ghost in the Shell, Star Wars, Appleseed, Robotic Angle, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet and many more are tried to understand and put into a greater picture. The Same goes for literature like Frankenstein, Golem, Do Androids Dream, R.U.R., Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy..

By comparing all this different input the three protagonists are taking the discussion from the history of robots, their status in human society(in the western world as well as in asian countries) to the perception of robots out of the view of children.

The Book is subdivided into the following parts:



[0001] Activate!

[0001.0001] What are we?
[0001.0010] How do we work?
[0001.0011] Where do we come from?

[0010] Live!

[0010.0001] Are we alive?
[0010.0010] Are we intelligent?
[0010.0011] Do we have feelings?
[0010.0100] Do we have a soul?

[0011] Future!

[0011.0001] Shall we be like you?
[0011.0010] Are we gonna be like you?
[0011.0011] Are you gonna be like us?

[0100] Fear!

[0100.0001] Can we become dangerous?
[0100.0010] Are we really becoming dangerous?
[0100.0011] How do we not become dangerous?
[0100.0100] Are we dangerous already?

[0101] Appearance!

[0101.0001] How are we gonna be accepted?
[0101.0010] How should we look like?
[0101.0011] How do we look like?
[0101.0100] How do we really look like?

[0110] Friendly Take Over!

[0110.0001] Do we like children?
[0110.0010] What can we do small size?
[0110.0011] How do we look like small size?
[0110.0100] How do we really look like small size?


At the End the awakening robot decides to become a toy robot thus bringing  joy and happiness into the life of human children and showing them that they do not need to be afraid of robots if following some rules.

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